The DOM Collection App


1. Choose a photo

You can either choose one of the photos on your phone, take a new photo with your phone right there and then, or choose a photo from your facebook files.


2. Edit the colors

Chose from dozens of different color schemes to give your photo just the right look: Dark and cool, warm and welcoming, mysterious, romantic, ... You can even create your own color schemes!


3. Choose a frame

There are over a hundred frames for you to chose from! Try each one with just one tap to see which one suits your photo best.


4. Add your own text

Personalize your photo even more by adding your own text! Chose from hundreds of fonts, colors and text effects - the possibilities of what you can create are endless!


5. Share with friends

With just two taps you can share your newly created photo on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, or by email. Of course you can also save it as a new photo to your cell phone as well. Happy sharing!


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